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High Mountainous Country - No Reliable Information
Forty Degrees South

Poetry on Papua New Guinea 1961-64 through the experiences of a young infantry officer with the Pacific Islands Regiment at Taurama, Manus, and Vanimo; and patrolling in the Gulf District of Papua.

' … pleasurable, evocative poetry of value and interest to those who were witness to those days, to those who would know of them, and to the present day people of Papua New Guinea who must not lose the flavour of the times when their country was "The Last Unknown" ' Brigadier Terry Holland AM

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To Fly Again
Ginninderra Press 2001 ISBN 1 74027 101 7 paperback, 210x148mm 92 pages

‘Quiet, confident, and calmly dignified’ Canberra Times

‘Ray Stuart spent 25 years in uniform, but it’d be a mistake to pin this prolific South Australian poet to a stereotype. Stuart’s poems engage with a range of subjects – military service, writer’s block, the gasfitter’s proposal to the belly dancer
… others are sketches from nature revealing a joy in rustic simplicity’. Ralph WessmanFamous Reporter

‘From these first pages the reader is met by a sincere philosophical tone which engages emotions, yet never plunges into sentimentality’.
Martin R. Johnson

Limited copies still available from:
Ginninderra Press
PO Box 53, Charnwood, ACT, 2615